About FreshFarm2U

FreshFarm2U is specialised in selling safe-to-eat agricultural products. We are also passionate to educate the younger generation about farming and nature.

We aspire to bring our visitors closer to nature via our specially curated programs. The earth is gift to us. We believe people should have fun under the sun and enjoy feeling the soil. Our program educate our visitors about farming, food and nature via hands on experience and educational tours. 

If you are looking for freshly produced farm products that are delicious, nutritious and safe to be consumed by your family, FreshFarm2U is the right place for you.

We are a group of farmers who are passionate to supply fruits, vegetables and poultry products directly to you from our farms. Our top priority is to ensure our productsare safe for consumption by applying chemical-free growing methods. At the same time, we also focus on niche products that not commonly available in themarket. Our special farm products will enhance the flavour, nutritionand richness of your home meals.